Interesting question and reflection, Pedro.

I'm probably biased, but what we know about change and learning is that it requires us to make our own connections and arrive at our own insights. That's why coaching, when done well, is probably the most effective way of helping people change.

I am not (yet) seeing anything AI-based that can act in such a way as to spark that type of insight that can only come from being asked the right questions at the right time within the person's unique context. Not to mention that a big part of coaching is the resonant connection between two human beings that trust each other, something we're evolutionarily very attuned to.

Never say never. But for now, I'll say "not yet."

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I, for one, would welcome our AI overlords eerrmmm my handy AI helper :) I see a number of disjoint tools, it'd be nice to have a tailored toolkit.

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I’ve seen an app that claims to do something similar, it’s called Bunch

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